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The Next Generation of X-Rays

Our perovskite single crystals, perovskite detectors and imaging arrays help X-ray manufacturers make X-ray imaging safer and sharper. 


The Drawbacks of Current X-Ray Imaging

The demand for safer, higher resolution, and portable X-ray imaging applications continues to rise, but current devices on the market fall short. Most use a combination of scintillators and photodetector arrays, while the only direct-type detectors are based on amorphous selenium. The direct-type X-ray detectors based on amorphous selenium (a-Se) offer the best sharpness in imaging. However, they are unstable at elevated temperatures and are not sensitive to hard X-ray radiation. To achieve fast and safe X-ray diagnostics, a low-cost, sensitive, high-resolution  X-ray imager is highly demanded to monitor the advance of the disease in patients.


Here's How Perotech Helps

We're revolutionizing X-ray detection

  • Perotech uses metal halide perovskite nanocrystals for direct X-ray detection imagers.

  • Metal halide perovskites are a new generation of semiconductor materials that have been intensively studied for efficient and low-cost solar cells.


  • These new materials have 100,000 times larger mobility-lifetime product, which is a figure-of-merit that determines semiconductor device sensitivity than a-Se.


  • Perovskite materials have at least 1000 times higher detection sensitivity than amorphous selenium direct detectors and much higher resolution images than indirect detectors based on a commercial cesium iodide scintillator integrated with weak light sensor arrays.


  • These materials have an exciting combination of properties, including excellent X-ray detection sensitivity, low cost, and ease of deposition onto large area X-ray detector flat panel using the solution process.

The Benefits of Our Perovskite X-Ray Detectors

Higher Sensitivity

Perovskite materials have strong stopping power to ionization radiation, large mobility-lifetime product, and low noise, making them excellent candidates for X-ray detection. The perovskite radiation detectors have much higher sensitivity, making X-ray imaging safer.  

Sharp Imaging

The direct conversion mechanism allows shaper X-ray images. Our new perovskite materials enable lower X-ray dosing while providing high imaging resolution.

Flexible & Portable

The perovskite materials in the thin film form are flexible and can be integrated into flexible devices. Removing glass substrates make perovskite devices flexible and robust and these lightweight devices are portable.



Perotech provides perovskite single crystals and polycrystalline films of different compositions and sizes for various applications.

Gamma-ray Spectrum Detection Crystals

•    Large mu-tau product
•    Customized size and shape
•    High resistivity
•    Stable in air
•    Stable under an electric field
•    Spectrum resolution <1% for 662 keV 


Are You Looking for Safer and Sharper X-Ray Imaging?

Let's discuss the materials, service and research that will make your project a success.

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