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Enhance Solar Energy

Our perovskite solar modules help solar panel manufacturers make solar panels more efficient, stable, and affordable. 


The Drawbacks of Current Solar Energy

Silicon solar cells are dominating the market of solar cells after decades of optimization and development. Silicon solar cells are now very robust and efficient already. But  their efficiency already reached their realist upper limit. They are still expensive. It is getting harder and harder to further drive down the cost of electricity based on silicon solar panels.    

New photovoltaic technologies beyond silicon are urgently needed to develop cheaper, lightweight, flexible solar modules.


Here's How Perotech Helps

We're improving solar energy

  • Perovskite photovoltaic technology developed in the last decade is catching up with silicon in terms of power conversion efficiency (PCE). The lab cell PCEs have exceeded 26% for single-junction perovskite solar cells and 33% for perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.


  • Perovskite solar cells can beat silicon-based ones in flexibility and cost due to the much lower price of raw materials and fabrication cost. The CAPEX is orders of magnitude lower than that of silicon PV.


  • Perovskite modules have shown a much smaller reduction of efficiency with increasing temperature and are more resistant to shading-induced module damage. 

The Benefits of Our Perovskite Solar Modules


Perovskite materials can absorb every part of the solar spectrum with unparalleled efficiency. This means they can generate the most significant amount of power, making them an excellent choice for maximizing solar energy.

Low Cost

Perovskite solar cells are already as efficient as the best single-crystal silicon solar cells. The films and crystal fabrication can be easily scaled up by a low-temperature solution process at a high throughput. The raw materials are low-cost and the crystal growth is much more cost effective. 

Flexible & Portable

The perovskite materials in the thin film form are flexible and can be integrated into flexible devices. Removing glass substrates make perovskite devices flexible and robust and these lightweight devices are portable.

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We are developing perovskite solar cells which are more efficient, more durable,  and new functionalities such as tandem,  bifaciality  or flexibility. 

Our Service

•    Record high efficiency

•    Record durability
•    Fast and scalable fabrication

•    Low CAPEX manufacturing 

Introducing Perotech-Energy

Perovskite Agrivoltaic
Perovskite Bifacial PV

10-30% more energy harvested

Lower price

•    Solution processing
•    Widely available source materials


•    Provides an appropriate amount of shading for crops to enhance production

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Are You Looking to Make Solar Energy More Efficient & Affordable?

Let's discuss the materials, service and research that will make your project a success.

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